A happy staff makes a happy school

This is a nice little video from the Guardian about the importance of teacher wellbeing. The article that accompanies it can be found here. We all know that morale and teacher wellbeing are central to a happy, effective school, but it's rare to find a school that genuinely invests in them. Why? Because high morale and wellbeing relies on staff feeling respected, feeling like their voices are heard and that they can make a change, feeling like they are able to take risks and take responsibility for evaluating these. All of this, in turn, requires a culture of trust and respect. The prevailing political climate does everything it can to make this nearly impossible, requiring levels of accountability and measurement which are anathema to growth mindsets in teachers and students alike. So, seeing that it can be done in schools like Three Bridges should serve as inspiration and challenge: if they are doing it, why aren't we?