But does it work?

We've not posted here for a while, partly because of the busyness of the end of the academic year, but also because we've been putting a lot of work into analysing the impact data we've collected. We've used a couple of measurement tools with our clients, and have learnt a huge amount from the data we've collected. We've learned even more from the discussions we've had with clients, and from the comments they've left on our anonymous online feedback form. We're looking at using this data to start some more in-depth research, but for the moment we've shared some of the headline figures on our website - you can find it under our Impact page.

We're really proud to have seen such an impact in only 3-6 sessions, and to have received such positive evaluations. We've always thought that what we're doing works, but it's nice to see it reflected in the data and in our clients' experiences.