We provide a space for educators to reflect on the emotional content of their work and relationships


The educator's role has never been as pressurised or as demanding.

Alongside the expectation to teach effectively and ensure measurable progress is made by all, we are faced with a student body who need more than ever to be nurtured, cared for, and treated with respect.

While there is much support for the development of educators' technical skills, their ability to connect, relate and engage - the Heart of Teaching - can often be left neglected.

We are here to provide a tailored support system which helps staff to reflect on their relationships and to find their own voices. 


This is school improvement from the ground up, rather than the top down.

By enabling teachers to reflect on and learn from their own experiences, we believe that they will not only become less stressed and unhappy, but also more self-aware, responsive and sensitive to the needs of their students.


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