Group Reflective Practice

Group reflective practice is a way for staff to share with each other some of the emotional work involved in teaching. Each group consists of between 6 and 12 members and is facilitated by two counsellors. The group lasts 1.5 hours, and the facilitators structure this time to create a space in which teachers can safely and confidently explore their decisions, reactions and feelings.

We all know the benefits that group work can have for children, as they are challenged to stretch their thinking, consider the problem from a different viewpoint, and empathise with those whose viewpoints differ, but how often to we provide this opportunity for staff?

In addition to the benefits derived by those who attend the group, Group Reflective Practice sends a message to the school community that it is alright to have doubts and questions, and that it is alright to seek support from one another. Further, it sends a message of trust: that you believe that your staff can solve problems with each other's help and support, rather than looking to experts or external interventions.